Lynn C. We enlisted My Beauty for my daughter's 11th birthday, and it was a smashing success.  Gabrielle and her staff were great -- friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and totally professional.  My daughter and her friends absolutely loved everything about it, from the cool mobile studio parked in the street, to the cute cabana set up on the driveway.  Facial treatments, makeup -- the girls had fun with everything!  I'd recommend My Beauty in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion.

Julia F.

We just had My Beauty for my daughter's 8th birthday party this past weekend.  Gabrielle and her team were absolutely AMAZING!!--professional, enthusiastic, organized and FUN!!!  The girls were absolutely delighted to go into the "spa" and you could tell they felt like it was such a unique and special experience getting their facials with cucumbers on their eyes, a cute little pink steamer--the whole nine yards.  That was followed by manis for one group outside and a make up session for the other group inside the spa.  (The girls got to "tinker" with the make up themselves (which they loved) and then Gabrielle cleaned them up :)) Then the girls got to make their own lip gloss and body scrub--the My Beauty team brought all of the supplies for these DIY party favors.  Finally, after all that, the girls got to use My Beauty's props and selfie stick to take some silly pics--a great way to end the fun!  It was non-stop action and the girls loved every minute of it!  If you want a truly unique, one-of-a-kind birthday for your daughter (or for yourself--all of the mommies wanted in themselves!!), I HIGHLY recommend working with My Beauty.  Gabrielle sweats the little stuff and really goes above and beyond to make everything perfect.


WOW! What a fabulous party for my daughter's 10th birthday! I wanted to do something special for this milestone birthday and My Beauty delivered! They arrived on time and the party was EXACTLY like the package described. The trailer was clean and beautiful and the girls got real facials and got to learn how to put on make up. This was followed by manicures.. And the girls got to take unlimited selfies (and other photos Gabrielle took), which were all delivered to me two days after the party. The birthday girl and the guests were all satisfied, so that's all I needed to know. It's a great value considering it's a fabulous party!



Gabrielle is a wonderful role model for young girls.  She made such a huge, positive impact at my ten-year old daughter's birthday party.  The girls didn't want her to leave!   Gabrielle even made the planning process a joy.  I felt like I'd known her forever.  I strongly believe in My Beauty's mission and in the work Gabrielle is doing to build self-confidence in young girls.  If you have a chance to meet Gabrielle and experience My Beauty, do not hesitate!  Look forward to working with her again.



Wendy H. 

I had seen the My Beauty studio at an event promoting self esteem in young girls this past summer. I was so impressed with Gabrielle and her staff that I decided then and there to use them for my daughter's 13th birthday party this spring. Gabrielle helped me with the details and before I knew it the party day had arrived. As the girls arrived they were so excited to see what was happening inside the studio parked in front of our home.  The girls had their nails and makeup done while listening to a great playlist which My Beauty provided. There was lots singing and laughter heard from inside the studio. After the special treatment inside the studio the girls then moved outside for a photo shoot in which lots of individual and group shots were taken. The evening ended with everyone eating delicious cupcakes while watching the entire photo shoot on our television. Each young lady was made to feel beautiful and special. I highly recommend My Beauty for your next celebration. W.H.



Lili R. 

My Beauty helped my daughter celebrate her eleventh birthday and we had a blast! Gabrielle is passionate about empowering our young girls and everyone in attendance enjoyed the party.The girls  learned how to make-up not fake-up as Gabrielle would say, got facials, and they learned a lot about building self esteem. My beauty was professional and worked well with our diverse group of children. I highly recommend that you select My Beauty to host your next big celebration. My Beauty fits all ages...even the adults in attendance were intrigued by Gabrielle and her knowledge and passion. My daughter cant wait until the next party!

Murray O.

We booked My Beauty for my daughter's 13th birthday and it was nothing short of AMAZING!  The girls loved their spa experience and the level of service was spectacular.  From spa facials to the manicures and make-up!  What impressed me the most (as well as the other parents) was that this was a great learning experience for the girls.  The fact that your staff taught them what to do and the basics of self-care/personal hygiene was so great!  This was so much better than just a spa day.  It gave them the life lessons and beauty basics that every teen needs!  The trailer was so amazing.  The decor was top notch and the products were all high quality.  We had such a great experience.  I immediately received texts/emails back from parents of the partygoers saying their daughters told them it was the BEST PARTY EVER!  So great!


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