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How to Plan the Ultimate Spa Party for Girls

So your daughter wants to have a SPA PARTY! There are sooo many fun things you can do to make it special. Below we have compiled a list of our top must haves to plan the Ultimate Spa Day for girls!


Of course we think having the My Beauty Truck at your spa party is essential to have the ultimate spa party! We can seat up to 18 girls at a time! Imagine a 35 ft show-stopping mobile beauty studio pulling up to your house to give her and her bff's the best spa party ever!

We roll out the pink carpet and velvet rope and give girls a VIP experience.


For our My Beauty parties, every girl gets her own Pretty Pink satin robe to wear during the party with an option to take home as a party favor. For an extra luxe touch you can add each girl's name to the back. As an additional fun activity, we have girls decorate their own slippers to take home too.

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For the facials you will need nice quality gentle skin care with the highlight being the FACE MASK with sliced cucumbers for the eyes. For extra fun you can research fun DIY face mask recipes using ingredients you have in your kitchen like, oatmeal, honey, cucumbers and avocados. To start our facials, we like to use a gentle face cleanser like Neutrogena naturals. We use warm towels and micellar water on cotton pads to remove any excess product before applying a moisturizer and a gentle moisturizer with spf.


We start our manis with a fresh rose soak. Just buy a dozen pink roses and place a few petals in warm water. You will need nail polish remover pads, disposable nails files and a trendy variety of press on nails.


As a fabulous grand finale to your spa party, take tons of photos and have the girls cheers with a pink bubbly toast using sparkling pink lemonade.


No Party is complete without a gift for guests to take come. Consider these super cute options for a spa party. A mini version of the Facial Steamers we use during the parties. Our custom spa face cookies are always a huge hit. We have a local baker we work with named Rose who is awesome. We also love to give girls products to take home so they can continue their at home spa experience. Consider these nice done for you #dyw easy gift sets from ELF.

Mini Facial Steamer- Spa Cookies- Custom, ELF skincare sets

And there you have it! How to plan to ultimate spa party for girls. And of course, we think the My Beauty Truck is the Ultimate, Ultimate so if you're in the LA area, give us a call to take your spa party to the next level!

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